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Weather Station

Weather Station

These stations monitor various weather parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction.

Professional sensors from trademarks such as Vaisala, Thies, Sutron, Young, DeltaOhm, Lambrecht, Gill, Aanderaa, Wittich & Visser, Campbell, Omni can be supplied.

They are equipped with Amberjack’s own data logger, Amberlogger.

Power can be supplied by solar panels or any AC/DC UPS system.

Data can be sent by 2G/GPRS/4G, wifi, LAN or satellite to our own cloud, Ambercloud or to any other cloud.

CPU: 700Mhz single core up to 1.2Ghz (single and quad core)
Internal memory: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB depending on model
Storage capacity: micro SD card ranging from 4GB to 64GB

Data logging
◦ Sampling rates up to 0,2 Hz
◦ Automatic management of sampled data in case of power loss or loss of internet

Analogue to digital converters
◦ 16-bit ADC
◦ 8 Analogue Input Channels
◦ 8ksps Sampling Rate

◦ Cellular Modem
◦ Satellite
◦ 10/100 Ethernet LAN