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Amberlogger is the datalogger from Amberjack Solutions. It reads from a variety of analogue, digital or pulse sensors. The analogue sensors may have a current or voltage output. The output of the digital sensors may be RS232 (NMEA or others), RS485 (modbus or others), USB, SDI-12, HART or others.

The configuration of the datalogger may be done locally by using our free app, available in Google Play Store or remotely by using our web-app.

Data can be sent by wifi, 3G, SMS, LAN, WAN or satelite.

Time is synchronized by GPS or by NTP.

It can be powered either by solar panels or by connecting to mains

The “wake-on-RTC” is an ultra low power mode that is achieved by completely switching off the datalogger between samples.

CPU: 700Mhz single core up to 1.2Ghz (single and quad core)
Internal memory: 512MB, 1GB, 4GB, 8GB depending on the model
Storage capacity: eMMC ranging from 4GB to 32GB, with the option of external storage

Data logging
◦ Sampling rates up to 0,2 Hz
◦ Automatic management of sampled data in case of power loss or loss of internet

Analogue to digital converters
◦ 16-bit ADC
◦ 8 Analogue Input Channels
◦ 8ksps Sampling Rate

◦ Cellular Modem
◦ Satellite
◦ 10/100 Ethernet LAN