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Ambercloud – web portal

Ambercloud – web portal

Ambercloud is a web portal to collect, analyse upload and download data from your stations.

The dashboard shows the most recent and important data from each station, such as the readings from the various sensors and the battery voltage, allowing you to best manage your network

Alarms can be triggered by the cronjob when certain custom defined conditions are met. For instance, one can generate an alarm if the battery voltage is low.

Data can be displayed graphically and downloaded in many forms (excel, csv, txt).

Graphical and numerical display of data from the various sensors and from the battery voltage
Insertion of sensor calibration curves and station configuration parameters
Generation of faults and malfunction alarms (cronjob services)
Data download in various forms (txt, csv, Excel)
Manual data upload in case of communication faillures
Access to documents, manuals, datasheets and drivers.
User profiles management.