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Service and maintenance on seismic network

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SINCE 2015

On this project, the network of seismic stations was developed by the Portuguese atmospheric and oceanographic authority (IPMA) and Amberjack Solutions is responsible for its maintenance and for guaranteeing that the downtime is never bigger that 24h. For that, Amberjack Solutions has developed a web platform, PLACES, where the client inserts the seismic failure events. Every time such an event is generated, an alarm is triggered, sending SMS and email notifications to the technician responsible for that station.

Amberjack Solutions has around 20 technicians spread around 8 of 9 islands of the Azorean archipelago. These technicians have the necessary tools and know-how to repair the seismic stations in less than 24h. In case of needing a spare part that is not available on site, the technician is responsible to finding the problem and sending the faulty part to the client in less than 24h.